Packing for a field work in the tropics

As I prepare for my trip to Uganda, this post could not be about anything else but packing. The journey begins tomorrow: I’m flying from London to Kampala via Brussels. What do I take with me?

  1. Good boots for tropics purchased from a specialist trekking store
  2. Raincoat (gortex membrane)
  3. Osprey backpack (Farpoint 70) with a detachable 15l mini backpack
  4. One set of nice clothes in case we have some unexpected event or meeting with important people
  5. Clothes that I don’t love – cotton t-shirts, long skirts, a fleece jumper
  6. A tropical weight sleeping bag with mosquito net.
  7. Karimat
  8. All-purpose tool (small plier/knife/screwdriver/scissors)
  9. A quick-dry towel x 2
  10. Crocs – yep, Crocs. The world’s ugliest shoes but protective of small insects living in the African soil waiting to creep on my feet!
  11. External batter charger
  12. Headlamp
  13. Cheap & small speakers to listen to podcasts
  14. An unlocked cell phone with the simplest (read: least battery consuming) LCD display – I’ve got an old Samsung.
  15. Notebook and to-do list planner (I love to-do lists!)
  16. Suitcase locks x 3
  17. Small lockable box for money/valuables
  18. First aid kit (massive box) with supply of Malarone for next 6 months, antihistamines, painkillers, general antibiotics and so on (half of my suitcase)
  19. Travel doc holder
  20. Bathing suit + a hat
  21. DSLR camera with extra lens for shooting landscape
  22. DVDs, a few books and a kindle
  23. Energy and a smile!

Goodbye London – more posts coming soon from the African soil! 




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