No more blood please Mr New President!

I’ve recently been a witness to a few horrifying events which opened my eyes to just some of the issues Uganda is facing.

One of the members of our savings group was brutally murdered by her ex-husband a few weeks back. It was a frightening homicide which shocked the community. They were separated years ago and the woman was living and working in her in-law’s garden. She had 2 sons and was a respected member of Busabulo community. Her ex-husband murdered her in the early hours of Saturday morning when she was out in the field. Her body was mutilated and the pictures were circled amongst majority of the sub-county and found their way to reach our inboxes too which I wish had never happened. In Uganda people passionately share graphic images and stories, they stare, touch and generally try to be as close as possible to the dead bodies. Violence has been common in the past and it remains common in contemporary Africa. Some of the roots lie in unhealthy relationships between clans and families, poverty, heightened alcohol consumption and disputes over land. I have been hearing a lot about disputes over land distribution due to very loose or non-existent land laws with too many children claiming the same piece of land which leads inevitably to violence and murder.

Another incident happened this week when a boda boda (motorcycle used as taxi) in front of the matatu (taxi car) I was either in collision or slid (it all happened in a split of a second) on the uneven pot-holed road and catapulted into air. 2 people, including a woman, were badly injured and unconscious and the driver died on the spot. There was so much blood and human parts flying around and seeing it was an absolutely shocking experience. The infrastructure really needs Government attention and funding – the bad roads and lack of them causes major accidents involving lorries over carrying goods, cars and bodas, lack of accessibility to rural parts of the country, lost opportunities for wider market access and so on. With the presidential elections only a week away, I pray that the new president (or the old one…) will focus on (re)building the infrastructure for the well-being and prosperity of the country. 


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