‘Museveni Babies’ go to the polls today

Today Ugandans are casting their vote for the person who’s going to lead the country for the next 5 years. How thrilling! However, many have lost the hope for change – the results are almost pre-determined. Yoweri Museveni is likely to hold his seat for yet another 5 years. Museveni, 71, has been in power since 1986—just over 30 years. What originally started out to be a one-term presidency for the heroic guerrilla fighter soon turned into the same “overstay in power”. ‘Museveni babies’ (60% of the population!) – people born after 1986 as they are often referred to because they only have one ‘father’. They are deciding whether to re-elect Museveni for fragile peace and ‘steady progress’ or seek fresh leadership. And they increasingly want to secure the future with better jobs than subsistence agriculture or riding motorcycle taxis.

Current president faces challenges from his former government pals – Besigye and Amama. Five others, including a female candidate, are also in contention for the presidency.

Officials say nearly 150,000 regular and military police personnel are being deployed in Kampala and major towns for the electoral period. Mbale seems to be relatively quiet and peaceful – and I hope it stays that way until the results are announced. And who knows, maybe we’ll all be surprise?


Presidential debate few days ago – picture: Voice of America website: VOA 


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