About One Big Rock

This is a start of my development journey. I’ve worked in performance marketing for about five years. Most recently I was working for fast growing peer-to-peer lender. My work experience encompasses a mix of managing multi-channel marketing campaigns, in B2B and B2C markets, data analysis and project management within the peer-to-peer lending space. My background and professional experiences have all contributed to my continued interest in the developing world. I believe in promoting sustainable growth, universal access to public health care, population projections and their importance and rights-based approach to sexual and reproductive health. I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Studies from London. Apart of Polish and English, I speak decent Spanish and some Hindi.

I have worked in Bulambuli district in Eastern Uganda as a project coordinator and program manager with Communities for Development and African Village Support.

I’m currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Development Management at the London School of Economic and Political Sciences. My focus is on population and development, methods for population planning, gender issues and sexual and reproductive health. I hope to return to Uganda and work in the sector in the near future.

The questions I’m most passionate about: Why are some societies poor, violent and unequal? What leads people into poverty? What events and interventions lead them out? How can we build a resilient health care delivery systems? What policies should be implemented concerning sexual and reproductive health? What does a high population growth means in terms of future employment?

If you want to get in touch, email me: martaDOTzgodzinska1ATgmail.com


All views expressed here are solely my own.

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