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Why I’m so very sad about Syria.

Syria. The word almost synonymous with war, conflict, refugees and death. The worst crisis in our era.

BBC has created a short story of the conflict here, for those who need a refresher on the timelines and how the events unfolded over years.

6 years ago what has started as an uprising against Mr Bashar’s’ oppressions has turned into a bloody proxy war between various political and religious fractions. 6 years since the start of the war has plunged 80% of Syrian’s into poverty, reduced life expectancy by 20 years and led to colossal economic losses (UN-backed report, source: Guardian).

Syria’s conflict continues to be the deadliest in the worldThe numbers are horrendous and I’m sick to my stomach seeing them – as the violence intensified, the number of deaths in the conflicts rose dramatically nearly 500,000 (source: I am Syria)Some 50,000 Syrians are estimated to have died so far this year only—including civilians, soldiers and rebel fighters. The Islamic State is growing alarmingly in both Syria and Iraq, where its brutal fighters are likely to push up the death toll even further. The country now has the second-largest refugee population in the world after the Palestinians. And 3/4 of the refugees are women and children. 

Syrians are dying and their country is being literally wiped from the world’s map. Try looking at the infamous photos of Syrian kids to even attempt to comprehend what’s going on there. It makes me feel guilt for all the ‘luxuries’ I enjoy – food, warmth, work. The need to help, not just the refugees but anyone who isn’t privileged enough to enjoy them. So if I keep talking about it for a while, forgive me. I’m having a hard time finding importance in anything else.


Source: Al Jazeera